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Residency Permit Advice for US Citizen (Bucharest)


Hi folks,

Just wanted to see if I could get a recommendation for help with my residency permit.

I'm a US citizen and was in Berlin for the last year, but just moved to Bucharest (I work online, so my location is flexible, and I've fallen in love with it here).

In Germany, I hired a lawyer to help with my permit there and it was about Protected content (super great deal).

Here in Bucharest I've contacted over 10 lawyers - only 2 replied and they quoted me between Protected content Protected content for the process. I don't mind paying if the service is good, but I can't find references of anyone else who has ever used them. Also, they seem intent on having me obligated to them perpetually through ongoing accounting services through them, etc. It seems awfully expensive for a process that seems simpler than my Germany permit (which required a ton more from what I can tell).

Have any US citizens or non-EU citizens gone through this process and can give me any advice or recommendations? The simplest path to residency seems to be starting a company, so I'm tentatively planning on that: Protected content

I'm willing to go through the process solo if that's best, but would prefer to hire help to expedite the process.

Any tips appreciated - thanks in advance!

P.S. I'll also report back with what I find out in other forums, in case anyone else here has the same question

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