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Romanian work permit for non-European foreigners (Bucharest)

Can someone please help me understand the work permit process in Romania, or to point me to the correct resources for the same?

In particular, I would like to understand what the employer needs to do. I found some info at Protected content but this is not very clear and I still have some questions:

- There is a requirement that the employers need to prove that they have made every effort to find a Romanian national to fill the position that they are now offering to an expat. How exactly does an employer go about proving that? What specific documents would be considered sufficient proof? It is quite a senior position in an MNC. It was obviously not advertised in papers, etc. Would documents commissioning the Executive Search agent be sufficient? Also what period of time does the company need to show that it searched and didn’t find a Romanian?

- Another requirement is that the company is not in debt. This is an odd requirement. Most successful companies like to be well-leveraged. It’s a large S.A. company. Would you say submitting an Annual Report be sufficient?

Mulțumesc frumos pentru ajutor.

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