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Same Gender Couples - Bucharest

Good afternoon, my spouse has been offered a very good opportunity in Bucharest that would take us there for 2 years. We are a same gender couple in our 40s, from the US, currently living in Western Europe. When I look online, much of the information I find relates to night clubs, etc... these are not things we are interested in. I would sincerely appreciate any insight: 1) Is it safe to be a same gendered couple in Bucharest (we are conservative and do not display any affection in public), 2) are there areas of the city that are safer than others?, 3) can this situation be uncomfortable, will people be cruel? I apologize if my questions seem naive, but I have never visited Eastern Europe. While the opportunity is good, I want to be comfortable in the place where I live and some of the things I have read about Romania concern me. The company will be sending us to Bucharest soon to tour the city for a couple days. Thank you very much for any advice.

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