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Cost of living in Budapest

Hi everybody,

I'm in the process to have some interviews in a multinational with an office in Budapest. I'm expecting a question about salary expectations and I don't have any idea about a reasonable answer.

Where I live now, usually we answer a number which is the gross salary and there is about 43% taxes on that (including health insurance, pension etc). The rent is very expensive, e.g. for a 1-bedroom apartment around 40 m2 (not too central but not too far from the city center), prices are around Protected content per month (without water, heating, internet). Food is around Protected content per month, and public transport 70 euro per month. Finally, a beer in a bar, is around 3.50-3.80 euro plus tip.

Now, using info on websites, it looks like that a salary around 580k HUF is kind of good, but I never trust this source of information. Especially, someone told me that rent prices are increasing in the capital, so it's getting more expensive.


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