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Do you need help with anything in Budapest?

A big Hello from! Having moved around in the world myself quite a lot, I realize the beauties and challenges associated with relocation! At every age and life stage the challenges one faces are quite different, also depending on the location and the exact situation. Sometimes you speak the language, sometimes you don't. Certain occasions you're able to work, on others you are not! Sometimes you feel at home right away, sometimes you don't!

I have started my own business in Hungary recently, HELLO-BUDAPEST.COM, exactly with the purpose of helping people moving to Budapest. Not only at the initial phase of formalities where people can help from big relocation agencies, but throughout the entire "journey", all the way to departure. The initial phase of settling in and integrating easier into the new culture is quite important! I would like to help you and your families with my team with all tiny or significant issues that people encounter upon relocating to Budapest and beyond. We do not consider any issue to be too insignificant to be contacted for. You name it and we do our best to help you! Why go through all the pain yourself when you can get quick help from professionals? Even if you just want to talk to someone, feel free to call us! Helping you makes us happy! You only sit back, relax and enjoy your new life in Budapest! Let the city, its people and culture fascinate you!

Assisting people in difficult situation, where they need local knowledge, the knowledge of Hungarian, just a helping hand makes our team wake up with a smile every day! RELOCATE WITH A SMILE is our slogan! And we make everything to live up to it!!! We speak English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French!

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