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Intensive Tantra Massage Therapist Course (Budapest)


Ananda Vedic Tantra Master offers 32 hour intensive Tantra Massage Therapist Course!

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Training Dates: July 6,7,13 and 14

Time: 10 to 18 pm

Venue: Tantra Kundalini Academy,Budapest,Hungary

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Please note that there are limited places available!

Thank you and see you on 1st July.

Love and Light!

Tantra Kundalini Academy

If you think that balance is what’s missing in your life, it may be time for you to try Tantra Massage!

There’s a vast amount of energy in the human body, which is produced by our cells, and flows in different directions. Sometimes, this energy flows rhythmically through the proper channels, and that’s when you feel healthy and happy, and enjoy clarity of mind in all walks of life. Sometimes however, energy loses its rhythm, develops a diffuse flow, and that’s when you start to feel physically, emotionally or mentally unwell.

Tantra Massage Therapist Course teaches how to balance this energy between partners according to their requirement and live a happy and blissful life.

Tantra Massage Therapist Course

Block 1

History of Massage

Tantric body design (skin, skeleton, muscles, organs, circulatory and nervous systems, meridians, chakras)

Basics of giving a massage (massages relating to skin, muscles and skeleton, effects of massages on the circulatory systems, effects of massages on the nervous system, effects of massages on the meridians and chakras, side effects of massages, basics of a relaxation massage, an agreeable environment, posture of the masseur/masseuse)

Massage strokes (direction, repetitions, superficial, deep, compression, vibration, percussions)

Receiving massages (each student will receive four professional massage)

Block 2

Technical aspects of a Tantra Massage (introduction, preparation, Tantra massage step by step, different body sections, meridians, chakras, Kundalini, life force Kundalini energy, Kundalini and Maithuna, Tantra ceremonies)

Block 3

Tantra massage theory (introduction to energy work, sense of touch, benefits of the massage, goals of the massage, introduction to Tantra massages for him, introduction to Tantra massages for her, introduction for Tantra massages for couples, introduction to yoni healing, introduction to Continence principle for Men avoiding ejaculation, dealing with Tantra massage clients)

Block 4

The masseur and the Tantra industry (history of Tantra, schools in Tantra, new directions in Tantra)

200-hour Intensive Tantra Kundalini Yoga Teacher Course
Training of Ananda Vedic Tantra Master

Starting date: 1 to 31 July Protected content

Venue: Tantra Kundalini Academy,Budapest, Hungary

Basic principles of Tantra, Sanjeevani Kundalini Kriya Yoga, Tantra postures and asanas, Tantra philosophy, Shiva's Protected content , Science of Tattva (Elements), Bioalchemy, MahaVidya, Tantric human body and physiology, Tantric Meditation techniques, Tantric Breath techniques, Tantric Chakra therapy, Tantric Karma therapy

Ananda Vedic Tantra Master Protected content training on science of Tantra!
Starting: 1st July Protected content
Application: E-mail: Protected content or telephone: Protected content

Tantra is a scientific path for transformation of ones own individual energy. In the human body a vast amount of energy is produced by our cells, which flows in different directions. If this energy flows in a rhythmic way or in the proper channels then we can feel happy and healthy, with clarity of mind to enjoy all walks of our life. If this energy flows in a non-rhythmic or has a diffused flow, then various physical, mental, emotional sicknesses start to arise. Tantra couple and family harmony seminar teaches how to balance this energy between partners according to their requirement and live a happy and blissful life.
Tantra Kundalini Yoga is a holistic system, based on traditional vedic sciences. We are going to make you know vedic wisdom alongside with Tattva (Element) Science, Bio-Alchemy, MahaVidya, Kundalini Sanjeevani Kriya, and Tantra principles of energy harmonization.
Sanjeevani Kundalini Kriya is the most scientifically designed holistic approach towards life so that the divine feeling energy flows in our every action enabling us maximum material and spiritual growth. This unfolds our infinite divine potential opening the doors to success and abundance in every sphere of life.
Syllabus of the course:
1. Basic principles of Tantra
- Yoga or Tantra: Which path to choose when? Similarity and differences among two paths
- Tantric exercises for opening and activating energy channels
- Tantric breath exercises for activating kundalini energy and inner cosmic union of Shiva and Shakti
- Tantric Meditation techniques for harmonizing energies between partners
- Tantric Sanjeevani and Shambhavi Kriyas
- Tantric diet and massage tips
- Kamasutra:Song of eternal love
- Shringar: Song of eternal beauty
- Cosmic orgasm: Song of Spiritual Love
2. Sanjeevani Kundalini Kriya Yoga
3. Tantra postures and Asanas
4. Tantra philosophy
5. Shivas Protected content
6. Tattva (Element) science
7. Bio-Alchemy
8. MahaVidya
9. Tantric Human body design and physiology
10. Tantric Meditation techniques
11. Tantric Breath techniques
12. Tantric Chakra therapy
- What is chakra
- Locations of chakras
- Why is it important to keep the chakras in balance
- Symptoms of chakra balance and imbalance
- Different techniques (meditations, asanas, pranayamas, mantras, mudras) to purify and balance chakras
13. Tantric Karma Therapy
Practical training:
- Deep understanding of 9 stages of life in relation to Soul journey (Past, present and future associations)
- Alchemy-Way to overcome karmic energy barriers becoming one with cosmic self in this life time itself
- Bio Alchemy-Telepathy, Sacral healing, Clairvoyance

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