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Jodorowsky-marathon!! (Cult movies with Eng subtl) (Budapest)

Dear Expats in Budapest!!

Come for the Jodorowsky-marathon in the Atrium Cinema, JAN 2-4!
(Margit Körút, Mechwart liget)

Very sorry, the event is only in HUN:
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"I see no difference between poetry and the cinema. I see no difference between undressing the body and undressing the soul. That’s where I am, in full honesty, naked body, naked soul, in full poetry, the dance of reality. I don’t want to make commercial movies to make money so that I can live.
I want to make cinema that loses money, cinema that forces me to look for work in other mediums. To me, a movie is sacred. It must serve a purpose. To expand our consciousness. To unite our past, present and future.
To save the world. Of course, you cannot change the world, but *we* can begin to change. Do not ask me to present my movie. My film is a being. It speaks for itself.
I will give my honesty, my truth, in this confined space, where my infinite soul lives."

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