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New Kaya Kalp Yoga studio in Buda side (Budapest)


Dear Friends,

We would like to say thank you for all the Friends and Community member for the huge support of last year by donating 1 percent of the annual tax for promoting various health and charity programs of Rishikesh Foundation.

We are glad to inform that Rishikesh International Cultural and Health Foundation and International Kaya Kalp Yoga Academy India has opened one more yoga studio in Buda side.

Buda side:
2 district, 4 Garas street (by tram 59, 61 Nyúl utca station, or by bus Protected content utca station, or 5 minutes walk from Moszkva ter)

Pest side:
5 district, 27 Muzeum korut, 3 floor

We invite you to Visit Kaya Kalp Yoga Centres, which helps you to live a stress free life keeping body, mind and soul in good shape, health and harmony.

Our Indian and international yoga teacher team offer regular daily classes at beginner, intermediate and advance levels in English, Hindi, Hungarian, Russian, German and French individually or in groups.


Yoga is the science of breath, physical, mental and spiritual exercises for peace of mind & fitness of body, treatment of many diseases without medicine, shaping and slimming of the body, better sexual life!

Also find enclosed information about state accredited Kaya Kalp Yoga Master course, starts from January Protected content .

Intermediate level: Protected content
Advance level: Protected content

The course will be conducted under guidance of SRI VIJAY ANAND

Syllabus of the course:

Basic principles of yoga, asanas, yoga philosophy, Patanjali sutras, tantra, ayurveda, anatomy and physiology, meditation & pranayama techniques, chakra therapy, yoga therapy, dosha therapy, karma therapy

Our goals:

Kaya Kalp Yoga is a holistic system to unite different types of yoga with traditional vedic knowledge. We are going to make you know vedic wisdom alongside with hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation, ayurveda and tantra principles of energy harmonisation.

Our main aim is to create physical, mental and spiritual harmony.

To whom we recommend:

For those, who want to have a deep knowledge in yoga and for those, who wants to be a yoga master!

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