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UK National Moving to Hungary! *gulp* (Budapest)

Good afternoon all,

After meeting my Hungarian girlfriend, falling completely in love with Budapest, and becoming increasingly frustrated with life in London I have decided to completely uproot myself in seek of change, adventure and very very cheap beer.

My flights are booked for the 5th of May and I will officially be starting my life in Hungary at around 6pm that evening. I have visited Hungary many times now but I naturally still have a ton of questions and worries leaving up to the big move. Some of course, will only be resolved once my move is complete but I'm hoping some can be answered here.

-Would anyone be able to recommend cheap, trustworthy movers? I don't have too many belongings I want to bring, say 3 to 4 large boxes worth. My girlfriend recommended me Protected content anyone used these guys before?

-Is there anything I need to do upon arrival? Or leading up to my arrival? I have already filled in my P85 form but will not be able to send it off until I am in Hungary, as my employer will not have it ready by my leaving date. Is this really important? Does it even matter? I have a friend who just up and left for America and didn't tell The Queen (HMRC) anything! Though I think she may be dual nationality

-Can anyone recommend a good bank account to set up when I'm out there? I will probably transfer my money from my UK bank account in portions so that I don't use it all up in case it takes longer than I would like to find a job

-Which brings us to job! I'm a qualified, and trained chef who has worked in some of London's most prestigious restaurants for the past 5 years, of course I'm sure this won't mean much in Hungary and I am happy to do most work. 5 years of being a chef has left me longing for for my afternoons, weekends, a social life, and most importantly sunlight! Does anyone know how best to go about looking for a job, whether or not my CV needs to be in Hungarian, how I approach people and how friendly their attitude will be towards someone who's Hungarian is rudimentary at best? I can get around town, ask for things, introduce myself and so on.. but I could hardly have a detailed discussion on Life, The Universe, and Everything.
TL;DR My ideal job would be daytime hours, clerical office work, something hands on and creative like gardening, or to stay true to my profession my DREAM job would be in a patisserie somewhere, where I could work mornings, finish in the afternoon and have the nice long Old Lady's Summer evenings to myself. Anyone know any good patisseries that need a talented pastry chef? :)

-What will I need to do about health care? I have an EHIC card, my girlfriend says they have that in Hungary too but it's useless and doesn't mean anything.

-I wish to attend university in Hungary, specifically I've been looking at Corvinus. Does anyone know what the rules are for expats, whether the fees are different and what the entry requirements are? I'm interested in studying food science with a minor in horticulture if possible so if anyone can recommend any other good universities I'd be welcome to looking up a prospectus and attending an open evening.

-Lastly, one of the small regrets I have is not finishing my driving lessons in London.. but it was London! I remember being with my dad once and spending 25mins looking for a parking space that was 30min walk from where we needed to be, and I came to the conclusion that a car in London was a waste of money, both on the car and the petrol... Anyway. Does anyone know whether it's possible for a UK expat to take driving lessons in Hungary and be issued with a license, how much would it cost, and where would this license be valid?

I'm sorry for the looooong post, naturally, it being my first one I have many many questions! I'll keep them short and sweet from now on.

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