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What is Your Dream? (Budapest)

(October Newsletter)

Last summer, during my stay at the NVC summer festival at Kapelle op-den Bos, Belgium, I met Monique Block, a tiny old woman with smiling blue eyes. Even though we would exchange only a few kind sentences during my kitchen chores or while she was pruning flowers in the garden, I felt a silent warm connection between her and me. With time I learned that this fragile old woman was actually the founder of Koningsteen, the place where the summer festival was taking place and the place that bewitched me with the love and care I felt coming out of it's every corner - from the way grass was cut to the selection of pillows and books in the reading room. Before I left the place I went to her to say goodbye. She hugged me, then looked in my eyes and said: "Have big dreams! Do not have small dreams. Small dreams don't come true. Only big dreams come true."

Nearly three months have passed since then and ... (to continue reading please go to Protected content )

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