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Football and Polo Events. (Buenos Aires)

Hi Folks!,
I just received a message from Tom kwolik, an Internations member.

Here's his message:
Subject: Football or Polo
"We are looking to go to Football and/or Polo game here in BSAS. We hear you have to be a club member to get tickets or know of someone who is in the club? We don’t really care where we sit – we just want to experience a game".

Thanks for any info you can share.

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Cause I'm out of messages, I'm going to answer back in this forum.
For your first question:
You don't have to be a club member to see a match or get tickets, here are a couple of sites which gives you the opportunity to buy them On-line.
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If you don't want to buy it on-line, cause they charge you a little bit more, buy the tickets at the Stadium, during the week, it would be better, cause the day of the match is always crowdy n' crazy.
In my opinion,try to choose the "quiet matches", for example: River Vs Ferro, or Boca Vs. Olimpo, if you're a rockie. Big matches like River Vs. Boca, or Racing Vs. Independiente, my suggestion is to go with someone with experience, if something happens.
About Polo Matches, I think the main season starts in October, and I don't know any Polo events during the rest of the year.

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