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Go Tigre Jungle (Buenos Aires)

Dear Community, the Delta of Parana river is an amazing jungle that deserves to be explored. There are too many ways to sail the rivers and also transportation is avaiable to go to many Tigre´s city tours.If you don´t like that level of adventure, you don´t have to get on board but walk and maybe shopping handmade stuff. and for all type of budgets. From Buenos Aires you may go there by train or bus in less than 40 minutes and you shall find tours by the day or even hotels or apartments to lease for weekend or weekdays that could riched in the island by an efficient public system of wáter transport. from Tigre´s wáter station. In Tigre´s train station and in the wáter station you will find Tourist information, and most of the operators speaks several foreign languages.
I go there almost every week since I born, so don´t hesitate to ask me any cuestion about this amazing place, transportation or travel. wiil be a pleasure.

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