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Help please? (Buenos Aires)


Hey everyone!

I hope your all well! I am a 26 year old female from Glasgow, Scotland. I have just returned from an 8 month backpacking trip through South America and i loved it! I especially fell in love with Buenos Aires (doesn't everyone?). I am very fortunate to come home and get my old job back (support worker for young offenders) however i cant shake the idea of moving to Argentina (Buenos Aires) out of my head! I want to get the ball rolling and seriously consider this and would love some advice/help. I would be arriving alone of course and although i was happy to 'wing it' whillst travelling, i would like to try and have a few things set up before making the big move. This is difficult for jobs of course so i expect to maybe have to apply when i arrive. Is it easy enough to get a job as a young female who speaks/understands Spanish but is not fluent? I have heard horror stories of it being really difficult to get a job in BA. I would absolutely love to work in the same field i do just now (social care) or with animals. I dont want to come across airy fairy and a fantasist here haha but i am very serious about moving to BA (for as long as possible).

Any help or advice would be MUCH appreciated thank you!


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