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Hi, everyone! I wanted to introduce myself first. (Buenos Aires)

Good evening, everyone! How is everyone doing today? :) Well, I hope.

I've been researching and discussing on and one of the members suggested as well.

I'm Cari, I'm from the USA and am actively seeking work in Buenos Aires (or Neuquen Capital) in order to relocate there. My hopes are to pay my way though a Spanish course, and hopefully stay long enough to qualify for an application for Argentinian citizenship. Ideally I would like to stay for many years, perhaps indefinitely, depending on how things work out.

This is all very exciting, and I'm looking forward to it! I've been thoroughly researching the process for quite a few months, and am staying hopeful despite the recent economic pitfalls we've all endured. I've managed to work in IT with webhosting and in datacenters since Protected content , and will be posting in the jobs thread a little bit later. My hobbies include RC Aviation, cooking, and gardening.

Well, enough about me, how is everyone else here? :)

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