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I'm from Sydney living in Bs As from Jul-Dec12 (Buenos Aires)

Hi there,
I'm Rita from Sydney experiencing central/south america for product knowledge from Buenos aires as my base city. My favourite city at the moment. I am taking Spanish Classes which are coming to an end on 16Oct. Today I had my written exam and Monday I have my oral exam. Anyway, I came here to do a few things and was wondering what members might comment to my stay here. Firstly, I am an Australian Licenced Travel Agent and whenever I travel I take my agency with me, so now I have it here with me. While I am here and travelling extensively, I am looking for work which has been difficult due to the economic situation, hotels have not been employing or contracting. I was hoping to achieve either. Then I was hoping to apply for residency to stay here for as long as I felt like it on a long term basis only to be told I need to have a reason. The only reason that applied to me was Religion, so I visited a Lebanese Catholic church which I found here in Buenos Aires to see if they can sponsor me or assist me in some way to be able to live here. The priest said he will ask his solicitor and I am still waiting. Does any person have any ideas on how one can get residency here, I am exempt from the possibility of being a student and to study. Protected content , I am going into an interview sometime next week to be contracted for promotional tourism work so I am wondering if there would be people who would like to attend activities like trivia nights etc with dinner and drinks before or after the scheduled activities and enjoy the venue meeting other people too? During the activities and evening there would be prizes to be won as incentives to come along and bring others with you. Are there any members who would be interested in these activities, as this will be part of my contracting. I am curious to find out what members have for comments and advice. Love to hear from everyone about these things. I will be returning in February Protected content 12 months, does any person have any good connections for a fully contained apartment around Recoleta or Puerto Madero or closest to these areas?
Muchas Gracias
P.S. When is the next monthly event and where is it held. At the moment I am in centro downtown so I hope to be close to the event.

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