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Learn or receive healing techniques, meditation (Buenos Aires)


I have been looking for learning meditation and also Reiki in Buenos Aires and I found a person who teaches all that and much more so I decided to share with people who have similar interest.

For me it was important that the classes could be taken in English. The spiritual practitioner, whom I found is named Andrés Gosis and you can contact him through email: Protected content or contact me for if you have more questions.

He is a very good healer and teacher, speaks both Spanish and fluent English (which was a factor for me, as my Spanish is not there yet). Here are some of the examples of what he does teach or give sessions in: Reiki, Aqualead, primordial meditation, gong bath ceremonies for small groups, Tarot readings, Akashic Records Readings, flower essences and homeopathic remedies, sound healing, pendulum etc. I think you can find what you are looking for, from his specialization. Also, the healing I have received has helped me to make profound changes in my life!

With sharing that I wish you good luck with all of your spiritual paths, healths and also with your studies!


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