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Need help with currency issues (Buenos Aires)

My wife and I are arriving in BA in less than two weeks. We have enrolled in a language school and made a 2-week reservation at a B&B (and we hope to find a small furnished apartment to move into after the B&B. We are not sure how long we will stay but originally intended a few months, possibly 6 months or so if we can get an extension on the normal 90-day limit.

HOWEVER, we naively assumed we would be able to use ATMs, credit cards, etc. the same as in, say, Europe. (We are from the U.S. and have a U.S. bank).

The B&B informed us they don't take Argentine pesos, or credit cards, but we could bring dollars/euros in cash or do a wire transfer to their German bank account. We don't really want to carry thousands of dollars in cash on our persons when we travel. We are actually already outside the U.S. (in Europe) and would have to start collecting euros from ATMs up to the max every day in order to accumulate a few thousand.

Then new complications arose for us: Our bank said they don't do wire transfers outside the U.S., and Western Union today declined our online transfer attempt. (The WU customer service person I talked to did not know the reason for the decline, but said we should try going to a WU office and using a debit card to make the transfer.)

The language school also takes only dollars and euros, but said we could pay with a credit card. I assume they perform the credit card transaction in dollars rather than pesos. says I can transfer money from my U.S. bank account at a good exchange rate and pick up the cash (in ARS) at various locations in BA. However, this won't do me much good for places that only take dollars/euros.

For example, we were looking online for a furnished apartment (for after our B&B stay) and some indicate they only take dollars/euros. No credit cards or PayPal.

HERE IS MY QUESTION: Since we will not be bringing enough dollars/euros in cash with us to last six months, or even a month or two, how can we pay for things that only take dollars/euros? Or is that not as big a problem as it seems to me? We have money in our U.S. bank account, but are having trouble figuring out to how to use it in Argentina.

Thanks very much for your help.

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