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pregnancy, outdoors & family life in Buenos Aires

Dear all,
I have found this thread ( Protected content ) where I could already find quite some useful information on pregnancy and giving birth in BA.
My husband, 2 year old daughter and I will come and visit BA for a look & see trip in a week from now. We've lived in Norway for the past 10 years, enjoyed very much the nature and outdoors so BA will be a big change and challenge in some ways. But there's potential behind everything so we give it a chance!
If everything goes well I will be giving birth in the beginning of March Protected content . I am hoping for a natural birth – I work as a prenatal yoga teacher so I have spent time on the topic ;) – and I will check out the places such as Clinica y Maternidad Suizo Argentina and the Hosptal Universitario Austral but I am interested to get more insight into the "birthing scene", also in general, incl. things like baby massage or baby singing... Also, if you have recommendations regarding kindergarten for our little one, please bring it one – we like it green ;)
Maybe there are also privately organised groups and activities for toddlers?
I know our life would look very different from what it does now. I guess I won't go on easy hikes in the mountains with a newborn in the sling or meet with other moms and their babies at the climbing wall but I am trying to get a taste and maybe ideas and if you could help me with that I'd appreciate it a lot!
BA has a lot to offer, but what is it that outdoor lovers do? :) Going to the park, the beach, going cycling and running (I still would have to get into water sports)?
I know it's a lot but I am hoping to get some ideas around the subjects mentioned above: prenatal & postnatal care and community, giving birth, outdoor (climbing) scene, yoga... Maybe there are related groups on Facebook you know about?

Thanks a lot :)

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