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Robbed (be aware of trick) and need a new I-Phone (Buenos Aires)

Hi ya All!

I hope someone can help me please. Is it so that I am looking for a new I-Phone 4 or newer. Where can I buy a new one and what can I expect to pay?? I had a perfectly working one when I arrived a few days ago but that is now in someone elses happy use. Yes it happened to me in my 49th and almost Protected content world wide...I was robbed! I guess this was meant to happen but anyway it sucks!

So be aware of the following scenario:

I was walking close to Plaza San Martin in one of the near by parks. All of a sudden I felt something on my back and arms and I turned around since I know I had just passed a man. He said you have something on your back, it is the "palomas" pigeons. I turned and was to walk away and he was no no you have plenty on your back let me help you. So he came to me and he gave me a paper. He then took me to a fountain that was broken as you could see with your own eyes. People seemingly "just passing by" came with napkins and helped me to clean my back and where ever I had this greenish stuff. One minute later when people already were on their way all in different directions I realized that my phone was gone from my front pocket. Nothing I could do anymore.

This is what really happened. The guy passing by with a cap in his hand threw this "poo" at me. He took me to a fountain that he knew was not working and this was the sign for his companions that came along. My Phone was gone...Who took it, where is is now? No one knows I just had to realize the fact that I had been set up for a scam by professionals!

Be aware people...and if a pigeon is poo'ing on you leave it or lose your phone (=

The happy fact of the story though is that the people were never threatening in any way and I never felt scared, and in the after math of it all the police as well were very helpful though only in Spanish (=

Other than this I love this city, and please if you know from where I can buy a new I-Phone and to what prize I appreciate a lot.

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