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Seminar: How to Obtain Legal Residency (Buenos Aires)

The Immigrant Mutual Aid Society will hold its first seminar on September 22, Protected content areatres, Malabia Protected content Starbucks), Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires.

This first seminar, conducted by Argentine immigration lawyer, Solange Veron, will begin at 7:00pm and will deal with DNI and legal residency with an emphasis on citizens of countries outside Argentina's Patria Grande.

Ms. Veron is a graduate of Buenos Aires' Facultad de Derecho and currently studies politics and government in a joint degree program with Universidad Nacional de San Martín and Georgetown University of Washington, DC. She has worked with city and national government for 10 years.

The presentation will focus on obtaining legal residency in the most general terms and will be conducted in English. After the presentation the audience will be encouraged to participate in a question and answer session regarding their legal residency experiences and plans. No questions regarding DNI will be considered too general.

Future seminars concerning DNI and legal residency are planned with specific emphasis on the various stages of the process. All instruction will be directed toward both do-it-yourself efforts and those represented by legal counsel.

IMAS is grateful for the generous support of Areatres in providing its flexible workplace solutions and work environments for this seminar.
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IMAS is a no-profit, self-help immigrant mutual aid society in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Providing a WIKI of living-skills, personal help, and instruction to those making Argentina their home; IMAS seeks to fill an English language void among similar societies in Argentina's great history as a magnet for those seeking a better life.
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