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What if something on background check? (Buenos Aires)

Hello again!

So in prepping my documents for Argentina, I ordered my FBI background check... and an arrest from Protected content I was involved in a civil disobedience protest showed up. Will this still be okay in terms of employment? (This being my "certificate of good conduct")

I was not convicted (the union lawyers fought the charges in court), but the charge does show: remaining at scene of a riot and refusal to disperse. We were demonstrating in support of unionization of hotel workers so they could have more worker's rights and higher wages.

Yikes! In Protected content my social justice college days I wasn't thinking 8 years ahead to the day I'd move abroad :)

Please let me know if you have any experience with this and if I should go to great lengths to try and get that sealed, or if this is so minor that most employers wouldn't mind.

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