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Wind, Solar, Water - Renewables in Argentina?! (Buenos Aires)

Interesting question or growing reality?

Since the question about existing renewable energy production doesn't and shouldn't lie in the "first world" only, I believe Argentina has the best opportunities to jump on that "green train" and use it's massive landscapes and windy coasts, such as the rich-of-wind Bahia Blanca area, to produce the energy that is needed more and more by every day passing by. The chances here seem to be great... important basics and criteria for the energy supply, for example Wind and Solar power is of course sun and wind, which there is plenty, and others like location, power net connection, accessability and - very important - maintenance service/support and energy prices for end-users. Sounds all fairly easy, but without local minds and visionaries into that direction it can't work of course. So here are my questions to all...
Who knows where to look best for current projects and developments in the field of renewable energies? Who is even involved? Who wants to build, but doesn't have any or the right developers? Who needs investors and project management support and assistance?
Maybe somebody would like to make contact with me. I am involved in a german company called Rennert Energy Projects and I can even refer to an Internations member who is a structural engineer and an expert in the field. His name is Harald Bosse. Feel free to contact us for questions.
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