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Contacts in Burundi needed (Bujumbura)

Hi guys, my name is Brid Samoylova, I am Irish and I live and work in Holland.
I am trying to help a friend of mine, Seconda, to set up a school in Burundi. She herself comes from Burundi. The school she wishes to set up is for street kids between the ages of 12 and 14, these had originally been refugees and have now returned to Burundi but have no family to support them and so live on the streets.
Please connect to Seconda and also let me know if possible what Interntional companies and NGOs are within a 60 mile radius of Myramvya Mbuye so that we may contact them to ask for sponsorship etc. Seconda did not know of any herself, so hopefully this is the easiest way to find them.
We will be having a Burundi evening here in The Hague at the end of August, if any of you are up this way, you'd be more than welcome.
Many thanks in advance,
Brid Samoylova

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