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Helping about Immigrate to AUS. (Canberra)

hi all
first of all sorry if my topic in wrong place and i apologize in advance,
My Name is Mahmoud and i'm 28 YO, working as a technical support in network field.

i just wanna someone helping me to providing me with the easiest way to immigrate to my brother living in AUS with his wife there and i hope to immigrating to him and established my life there,

so what is the basic info that i have to know first, however i was studying IELTS IN British council and unfortunately i couldn't continue studying there to get certificate that approved that i have the skills, so i think studying English, and get the certificate is now not easy for me because my working her and my time management issues.

so if there are any other legal way that can supporting me to immigrating to him and established my life i'll be thankful in advance .

And if my email is legally to write it here so I'll do if someone mentioned to me that is normal and legal.
thanks for all and waiting for response asap.

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