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Senate Occasional Lectures (Canberra)

About every 6 weeks or so there is a Senate Occasional Lecture at Parliament House where an expert on an interesting topic to do with Politics gives a lecture and takes questions for 15mins after the lecture. Details about the Lecture series can be found at Protected content

The next lecture is on Friday 12 Sept and is about the the Australian Parliaments role in Australia going to war.

According to the flyer:
Since Federation, the power to go to war has remained exclusively with the executive branch of government, despite calls for parliamentary support to be necessary for declarations of war. This lecture will explore the process by which Governments were led into sending its citizens into conflicts offshore. As we mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, Protected content an ideal time to consider the role of the Australian Parliament when the nation goes to war.
The Lecture will be given by Dr Brendan Nelson.

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