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Where can we find.....? (Canberra)


Hi all,

So we're slowly getting settled in Canberra - but are having trouble finding some things we miss from Ottawa and wondered if those who have been here longer can point us in the right direction?

1. Where can you find good cake? We had a great cake shop in Ottawa where we would pick up cakes for special occasions and dinner parties and another place downtown where you could go for a piece of cake when you had a craving....anything similar in Canberra?

2. Good cheese. We keep trying cheese from different places - grocery stores, markets, delis - but it's all, erm, a bit waxy. Craving some lovely camembert......should we go knock on the door of the French embassy?

3. Reasonably priced personal care items - the grocery store sells mouthwash but it's $9!! Is this just standard for Canberra or are we shopping in the wrong place?

This list may grow longer with time - these are just the first few things we've encountered.

Thanks all!

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