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Winery Tour planning (Canberra)

Hi All,

At our last Canberra Internations meetup a few of us started planning a winery tour.

The basic idea is to have enough people so that we could hire a minibus and driver, pick a few wineries and one place for lunch. We were talking about later in March.

I have talked to one outstanding local vineyard (Lark Hill) who have a tour which includes a winemaking talk, including biodynamic wines + tasting for $10. They also have a restaurant, as do many of the other wineries.

So, the question is - are you interested? All you have to do do is reply to this thread indicating your interest.


ps. If you're just reading this thread and thinking "I'll never turn up, but I might go to a winery" - then go to Lark Hill. You won't regret it.

pps. If you are licensed for driving a minibus and you're keen to be a designated driver (no drinking) please let me know :)

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