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New life in Cancún

Hi there! Since yesterday I´m back in Cancún! I´m currently searching for a new place to live (for the time being I´m staying in a hostal in the city centre). I´ve spend the past weeks in Mérida, but in fact it´s much easier to arrange things while being here, instead of trying to get things done from a city on 300km distance. Even though it´s only a room with just a simple bed and a desk for Protected content , at least it will give me some more space and rest to find a nice place to live.

Also looking for new career opportunities (for those interested, I´ve a background in Leisure Sciences at, incl. tourism, (business) strategy design and urbanization, a dissertation in the strategic role of leisure in the reurbanization and development process of a city (universities in the Netherlands and Spain), have loads of working experience as bar and cocktail trainer in hospitality and gastronomy, also in Quintana Roo in Protected content , and speak several languages fluently, including Spanish, English, German and Dutch). Yes, the adventure starts again..

Anyway, whenever you know something, or haveing an idea, or what else more, let me know. Wanna chitchat and have some fun while drinking a cocktail or a chocolate milk or a agua de jamaica, let me know. Wanna go grazy while clubbing, let me know. New start of everything, so also to build a new social life!

Hope to catch up soon! Ciao Ciao, Danii

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