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Belle Rive evening (Cannes)

Dear Internations Organizers,
Tuesday nights event, 12th March, was my first Interrnations outing. I brought with me a friend to the event. I was not impressed at all, after she had to pay 18euros entry, that the 'free' drink was actually not of your choice but a cocktail that was not to our liking at all and there was not the option to have whatever you wanted! At this price I would imagine it would be possible! I feel 18euros as a cover charge is just too steep for an event which is organized to bring people together, from around the world, to meet and interact.
The music was too quiet and and slow, for a gathering of this kind. Something more up tempo would have worked better. Overall I felt the evening was very slow and boring. I, sadly, would hesitate to return to another event

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