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InterNations Monthly Events - CAR POOLING (Cannes)

Our InterNations community here in the Cote d’Azur is growing in popularity as evidenced by the number of members from MONACO , NICE and CANNES who join us regularly to enjoy the social mix and entertainment at all 3 locations. We know that more of you would like to attend but for transport issues so we encourage CAR SHARING! It’s good for the environment, you can share costs and it is a great way to get to know the wider InterNations community . If you are attending one of the forth coming events and can either offer a transport solution or need lift please use the FORUM - Town Talk – to indicate location and contact details.

Your post could be as simple as …

CAR SHARE OFFERED/WANTED TO ..................

I am attending _‘INTERNATIONS NICE/MONACO/CANNES – On xyz date
I will be travelling from …………..I have space in my car if anyone interested to car share / I am looking to car share if anyone has a spare seat . I will be leaving from ….. at approx. ……………….. contact me via

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