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Banking In Cape Town (USA/South Africa)

Hi there. My husband has accepted a job at the CSIR at a high performance computing center in Cape Town and so we will be moving there in about 2 months. I have about a million and three questions, but weighing heavily on my mind is the question of banking. Our home base is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the USA. We were hoping to find a bank with retail branches in both South Africa and the USA (preferably in both Cape Town and in Philadelphia) that would be able to help keep our assets easily available to us when we travel. We had high hopes for HSBC, but they have no retail banking in South Africa, only commercial banking. This was seriously disappointing because they seemed well set up to help expats get money to families back home. What do other Americans in Cape Town do about banking? Also, does anyone know any good accountants who can help us keep right with taxes and Social Security and such? Please help!

Oh, my name is Sarah. My husband is Ian. I'll be here a lot with a whole lot of questions! It's nice to make your acquaintance!

Sarah Nieves

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