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Ex South African moving from Montreal to CT (Cape Town)

Hey everyone!

I was hoping I could get some input on our situation, as I have never had to deal with the complications of paperwork before. We currently live in Montreal, Canada and are planning on moving to Capetown in the near future. I was born and raised in SOuth Africa, but left when I was Protected content 17 yrs ago). After enquiring, Iwas informed I have to apply for my south african ID, as the country does not allow for dual citizenship. I currently hold a Canadian passport, as well as an expired British passport. Im not very clear on why I couldnt enter with my Canadian, as it does state that johannesburg was the city in which I was born.

Another setback I have, is that my partner is from Venezuela. I am currently sponsoring him, and have gotten approval from the province of Quebec, and we are waiting on the approval from the federal government. I assume I would have to apply to sponsor him when entering South Africa as well, unless we marry here, if I have the information correct.

If anyone has any advise it would be sincerely appreciated, as this is really confusing for me, either way ,we will be moving, I just need to understand what exactly my obligations are, as well as my rights.

THanks in advance guys!

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