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For Dianne Russell (Cape Town)

Hi Dianne

I couldn't send you a direct message to you because I have a limit of 5 messages this month, so i have used them all up . This is the only place that i thought i could send you a message.
Still in Canada, I couldn't make it to CT on Dec. 5, had to cancel my ticket due to personal reason . I wanted to ask you a question in regards to life/partner visa. I have life/partner visa with Chris which will expire on April Protected content . Since i have been away now for a year, when i come back, do i require a return ticket? i have asked and contact the Canadian Embassy way back in July and they told me that it was okay for me to return with one way ticket since in my passport the visa stated that it expire on April Protected content . And i remember when i had contact home affairs at the same time, no one was able to help me at all, it took awhile for them to find the answer for me. Anyway, the person that i spoke with at the Canadian Embassy for South Africa said it was okay . But that was when i asked her in July and during that time I was planning to leave in Oct. Well, so many things has changed during then, that i couldn't leave in Oct. So now, i am still here and still want to go back but just a little concern about whether I need a return ticket or one way ticket.
Please let me know if you are have any information on matters like this.

Wishing you a wonderful happy holiday season and i hope we will somehow meet when i eventually will get there.


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