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From Germany to Austria, from Austria to Cape Town


Hello everyone!

I wish you all a happy new year! :)

My name is Mena, moved with my husband in March Protected content Cape Town.

I am originally from Egypt, but grew up my whole life in Germany (near Heidelberg).
Protected content got married and moved to lovely Graz, Austria. 2 months later, my husband got a job offer in Cape Town and we decided to take the chance. And now here we are!

I really love the city, I love the people, I love the weather, I love how diverse the city is and never boring!

But I am facing some small problems here:
1) Our neighborhood consists of people who only mind their own business and not knowing who their neighbours are. Even after we greeted some of them, they just turned away and ignored us. I really miss having neighbours who greet us, and ask how we are doing, etc.

2) I have been looking for a job since we arrived here, but was not successful till now. It surprises me to see that many companies here do not understand that - as a foreigner - I do not have a work permit, unless I have a written job confirmation on hand.

3) Since our neighbours are so distant, I haven't been able to make any friends here. Therefore I feel quite lonely and miss chit chatting with people.

I really hope to get to know some people here and maybe some who are experiencing similar situations.

I speak English and German (Arabic as well but I cannot typewrite it lol).

Have a nice day! :)

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