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hey there, we are coming :D (Cape Town)


Hi Cape town Internation community!

I and my friend EVA are coming down to Cape town and are already so incredible exited !!

Date: 7.3. Protected content 22.3.2014

Plan is that we are the first couple of days in town and then go on travel by car to explore the southern coast. (garden route, etc.). Or we do something completely different. At the end we have no concrete plan and let it happen as it happen :D
It’s a spontaneous vacation.

PLEEEAASE, has anyone a recommendation where we can stay for the nights? We just need a bed and shower -> the low budget version.
Does anyone want to share the couch, guestroom against payment? Does anybody know somebody who has an opportunity for us?
We are nice and happy people, don’t worry ;)

Beside the accommodation challenge, we would be very happy if we can meet some of you having a drink, dinner, lunch whatever. We like to meet new people and hang out.
Anybody interested?

Maybe some of you have since long time a plan to move out of Cape town and explore SA? Safari, riding ostriches, canoeing, hiking, etc. Why not we plan something together? Anybody interested to have an adventure trip during our stay in march?

I would be so happy if anyone answers! If you do not want to do this public on this page here, please write me: Protected content .

Ahh yes, almost forgot! Does somebody need something from Austria what we can bring with us? It has to be light and easy to carry (airplane ;) ). Are you missing some special taste for instance?

So, all the best and I hope to receive messages ;)

Tschüß, greets!

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