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Hotel and highlights not to be missed (Cape Town)

Hi everyone,

Cape Town here we come! Can't wait till mid February when we'll be visiting South Africa for about 12 days. After the kind advice of another Internations member, we decided to spend 3 days in Johannesburg and the rest in Cape town. In desperate need of suggestions though, as what I find online has really overwhelmed me. I don't know what to choose. Has anyone got any not-to-be-missed suggestions on activities in and around the city?

A hotel, or even a hotel district suggestion would be more than welcomed. We err on the side of affordable rather than luxurious but safety first :)

Any local travel agency recommendations would be so much appreciated.

I know, I know, leaving everything for the very last minute doesn't make any sense for most of you but real life got in the way and now... run Lola, run.

Many thanks in advance and wish I can meet some of you while there. I've been speed reading posts for the last few days and I can say I am thoroughly impressed!

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