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Relocation to Cape Vs. SE Asia Vs. Gulf (Cape Town)


I have few questions for fellow expats & those who are experts of the subject matter...

I have a small family, me, my wife & newborn baby... we have resided in Dubai & Cairo in past, both have been splendid experience for us.

My questions are:

I have a offers from SE Asia and Middle Easte, how would you rate it Vs. offer to live & work in Cape town?

How much would be medical consultation expense, vaccination expense at good clinic/ hospital? How well is the standard of hospitals/ clinics, would you recommend any health insurance provider?

How easy it is to obtain local driving license (money & time wise)? Is traffic situation as bad as Asian countries (which are heavily populated & poorly planned). Is fuel cost stable like Middle East countries or fluid like Asian countries.

I have heard that Cape Town is bit crime prone city (however better than other fellow SA cities), so, when does the city sleeps (stores/ malls close).

Finally, any website that can guide me about living costs (rentals-1 or 2 bed flat, car, electricity, education, grocery shopping).

Your responses will help me decide me better :-)
Awaiting your replies...

Best Regards

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