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Seriously considering moving to Cape Town

Hey guys, my fiance and I are seriously considering moving to Cape Town. We visited the city back in Protected content really enjoyed our time there and felt it was a place we could see ourselves living. After finishing school and working for the past 5 years we are looking for a change of lifestyle and an adventure and feel that Cape Town could offer an escape and a more relaxed way of life than Toronto.

I have spoken with an immigration company and they are certain that I qualify for a Critical Skills Visa to enter the country, while my fiance would likely study at the University of Cape Town. Before leaving Canada, we would sell our house and all of our assets so we would have a sizeable amount of money to live on and put towards a house/condo, etc. Given that we are only 25 and 26 years old and have never lived outside of Toronto, we are wondering if some of you can share some of your advice and experience within us and help us with some questions we have.

1. Is Cape Town a safe city to live in?

2. How does it compare to a 'Western' city in terms of cost of living?

3. What are some of the more difficult experiences that you had after moving that you didn't anticipate?

4. Is it difficult to find a job in Cape Town with a work visa?

5. What were some of the challenges you faced when adjusting to life in a new city?

If you have any additional advice please feel free to share! Thank you in advance for all your help!

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