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Unabridged Birth Certificate (Cape Town)


Dear friends,

Your advice on the below is greatly appreciated:

I am French and my wife is British of non-South African decent. We both have Temporary Residency status.

Our child will be born in the next few days.


(I) where can I obtain the Unabridged Birth Certificate?
(Ii) what type of documents do we need to provide for it?
(iii) how long does it take to obtain it as we need to: a) register the baby within 30 days at our respective countries and b) apply for either a French or a British passport (in order for the baby to travel)

My wife, the baby and I will be going to Europe in October for family gatherings - I am hoping that the above process will be painless, fast and straight-forward.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon

Kind regards

Bruno (Cape Town)

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