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Cost of living in Caracas and elsewhere.

Good Day,

I would highly appreciate any information on the cost of living as of Protected content Venezuela, big towns and province. I know very little about the country.

How much money per month one needs to exist and to be able to improve (save a bit, invest a bit or start their own small business)? I am talking about average level of living, the fancy areas as well as the areas with the extremely poorly developed infrastructure could be left out of description.

By 'to be able to exist' I mean a small or even tiny flat but with electricity, hot water and anything else one may need to be able to function properly in it (like if it's +40C - A/C or fan appliance is required, same with -40C :D), so what are the climate specifics (perhaps high humidity?) and what can one not exist without, thus how much does it cost to have?

Also food, how much does it cost per month to buy simple but healthy foods and cook yourself?

And how much do sport activities cost? Like renting a squash court?

Simple clothes?

Thank You very much in advance whoever takes time to respond. Feel free to request any info from me in return if you think I can help. I may be helpful when it comes to Greece or Eastern Europe.

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