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Life in Maraquay, Venezuela? (Caracas)

Hello Everyone!

I am a US citizen with a potential opportunity to move to Maraquay for work as a plant manager at a chemical manufacturing site in Santa Cruz de Aragua. I have read quite a bit on the internet about life in Venezuala (mostly Caracas) before finding InterNations. I have to admit, the testimonials paint a grim picture..............extremely high crime rate; car jackings; you can't go out at night; if you wear shorts you have an instant target on your back as a gringo; you should live in an apartment not a house to minimize criminal encounters, etc.

Is this actually the situation? I have traveled fairly extensively in Chile, Brazil, and Argentina for work and as a tourist.

Thank you in advance for any information that confirms or refutes my impression of life in Venezuela (particularly Maraquay) at the moment.


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