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Can you go seeking here ? (Cayman Islands)

Hello, some days ago, I searched for a mystery on French internet, I've found a track with some GPS coordinates, which are: 19.3009, -81.2879

It's on Cayman Islands, but in Google Maps, there is no road. But on Google Earth, it's a T-shaped track.

If only Google Street View was available in Cayman Islands... So, for the moment, I know the island is not very large, so, can anyone here can go and see what happening here ?

If it can help you, here's how to go:

Take Windward Road from Fleet Avenue
Turn right between Bowsprit Street and Grapeseed Street
Immediately turn left
And turn left at the first turn...
You'll found a road that goes right and left...

If you do that for me, it would just... GREAT!
Thank you!

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