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Considering to move from Europe to Charlotte area

Hello everyone!
Hope you can help me with "simple" question :)
TL;DR I'm European, sell me Charlotte!

I'm considering taking a job position in Charlotte - offices are based in Yorkwood area.
I'm from Croatia, a vivid runner - logging Protected content every day. Single, not a night owl or a party animal but I love to socialize. I dig cooking and vitamin D :)
I understand how cultural difference this will be but, I've already spent 3ys in Ireland which is quite similar change from rest of Europe. Close enough to ways of living in US and far enough from "usual" Europe. I'm more interested in can I, and how, align my activities in Charlotte and surroundings?
Let me tell you about my typical days...
Weekdays - I work shifts so I'll be up at 4ish, do running and be in the office by 7am. Finish work at 5pm, do running and crash to bed...
Weekends. Get up at sunrise, go running 2-3h. Preferably on soft grounds, forests, hilly or mountain (1,5-2k feet of elevation total?).
Spend afternoon in a park, chill or brunch, picnic, bbq. Grocery shopping on local farmers market or a place where I could find local producers of fruit and veggies. This is what I'm really used to in Europe but miss a lot in Ireland. I'll probably grow my own tomatoes, herbs...climate permits this in NC - big bonus!
Running in the evening. Maybe some yoga/movies/show/match/pub with mates. This will change into ways locals do. Be it nascar race or whatever is different from what I'm used to in Europe. Blend in, experience living as American.
Simple, isn't it? Run, eat, sleep, repeat.
I don't own a car, but that will likely need to change...
I'm ok with both having a flatmate or living alone. But spent last 3y with flatmates, I would prefer my own home. Somewhere close to woods, soft grounds for my running and also in proximity to my office. I usually run to the office and back as a way to commute. And yes, we have snow in Croatia, much more and longer than in Charlotte :)

Thanks in advance for any reply and kuddos for making it to the end :)

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