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Are you Mexican and recently immigrated? (Chicago)

Hola paisano,

I have been contacted by Sybilla Claus, a journalist who is interviewing Mexican immigrants in Chicago and she asked me if I knew any more of us here. I remembered a few of us in this group and said I'd ask and pass you her information along. If you might like to be interviewed, send me a PM and I'll give you the journalist's email.

Or if you might know people who might want to talk about it, this is what she's working on:

I’m the reporter in Amsterdam, who will visit Chicago in May.
My project will focus on racial/ethnical relations in the ‘New America’ where whites will be a minority.
I will live on Halsted street. The first week I will stay on the South Side, second week around 14 str with a Mexican guy called Jesus (true! AirBnB), the third week in Boys Town.
Every week I will follow another person as main character.
Would you know a Latino somewhere near or on Halsted who would be interesting and interested to explain Chicago life from his/her side to me?
I’m looking for a 40 minus years person (they are the New Americans, and in general more progressive), middle class like person.
Maybe nice if they are not totally rooted yet but relatively recent migrant? Just thinking, maybe fresher then when it comes to race and mixing.

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