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Chicago Winter + wages and cost of living

Dear All ,

I am from Southern Italy so I grew up in a very hot climate 20 degrees winter and 40 degrees no winter I live in London UK for 11 Years and will perhaps move to chicago soon . I am very scared for the winters there , very very scared to adjust to those temperatures.......really hard for me......I hope it's not so hard and I am wrong and please tell me your opinion on that in a professional manner by professional people who live there in Chicago. Also if I will get $14 per hour to start with is it a bad salary? be very honest I have a good salary in London. Another Thing please : Do companies transfer you elsewhere on a H1B job if the copmpany is huge and it is and if i feel i can not take the winters can i get a transfer to florida or california after few months?? does this happen regularly in the US ?? Many thanks for all this and i do love chicago been in the summer but winters i think they are too much......but that's my only chance to get to the USA and perhaps move to another warmer climate after few months . please share advises opinions and all you like . All will be really appreciated !!!!!

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