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Martial Arts for women 50plus - intro class (Chicago)

Martial Arts for women 50plus - free intro Saturday Sept 12 at 9 am. at my place in Andersonville, Chicago.
And I will organize more intro demos every week.

Let's call it what it is girls: martial arts!

I know you can do it, because when I started over 10 years ago I was headed for back surgery (bulging discs, degenerative disc disease and that sort of jazz). I was going insane from the back pain. Could not walk, sit, lie down, and accidentally bumping into something caused excruciating pain.

I started training in Neo martial arts and within a couple of months there was a drastic improvement, and I have been pain free and able and limber for 10 years now. (without surgery or medication)

I am a 2nd degree black belt in Neo Martial Arts, but thought, hey, who in her 50s will go for martial arts (besides me, who had always been yearning to do it). So I have been advertising my classes as the soft martial arts of qigong, tai chi. This will of course be part of it. By the way, the word "soft" is very deceiving. I takes great strength, coordination, balance and focus to do these disciplines.

I myself have been practicing these amazing soft arts all during these challenging times, but I need more. I also need the yang side of these arts, which is called "martial arts". And perhaps you do too: something more active, invigorating.

So, let's do it girls. A little intro this Saturday at 9 am at my place in Andersonville. Maximum 3 participants so we can social distance. I will also only show movements and exercises that do not require direct physical contact for the time being.

I set up the training so that there is a gradual increase of challenging dynamic movements, breathing exercises, and so on. I do this for every student, carefully monitoring their progress. That is the beauty of our martial arts. It is very individualized. It is very empowering. And it is non-competitive. And, ladies, it is so much funnnnn! Not the mention the glorious feeling when you do that which you thought you could never do.

So, in the spirit of us becoming spring chickens again I am posting a beautiful picture - that is how I see myself when I do martial arts: girl, on the rocks, with a fabulous high kick.

Send me a private message if you want to participate and I will give you my address.


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