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Returning home after 20 years in Germany (Chicago)

Hey everybody!

I am posting this because I am on the lookout for tips and advices.

My city of origin is Chicago, but at the age of 2 my expat-parents moved back to Germany after living in the US for 5 years. We never went back, not even for holidays. I only know our family's friends and acquaintances and distant relatives from letters and Christmas cards. =/

This year I will graduate from a European management school with a bachelor of business administration and international management certificate and afterwards I would like to return home and get to know "my city" at last!
But what would be the best way to do so?
First find a job in the Chicago area? (But most employment ads exclude applicants without a permanent residence in the USA... what's the solution to this?)
I am reluctant to move to Chicago on the off chance and go looking for a job here and there, I'm too risk-averse for this.

I would also like to go to college (MBA or MBAA), maybe next year, but I know zero about American college policies, deadlines, financial aids and so on and looking for information on the Internet (college websites) was even more overwhelming. For example, I could'nt even figure out if I count as a foreign student, having both nationalities, which is important to choose the right way of applying (or at last that's what I assume after my research).
And how different are the public colleges from the other colleges?
Are they bound to accept every student?
Maybe one of you can help me with a how-to-list?
I'd be immensely grateful for this! =)

Thanks a lot in advance!

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