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UK citizen looking for a job in Chicago


I am a brand new member to Internations and would really appreciate some advice. I'm from the UK and plan to relocate to Chicago, where my boyfriend is based. I have thoroughly researched US visa requirements and am looking for a job/company that sponsors H1B visa. I would really appreciate any advice from someone with expertise in this field, or with personal experience of my situation on the best ways to network, raise my profile and improve my chances of securing a job opportunity. My challenge is that I am only eligible for the H1B speciality visa ie. I must show I have unique skills that only I possess and that will benefit a US employer.

I have applied for a number of jobs but so far have had no positive leads. I am a retail buyer with over 12 years experience with skills that would also transition valuably to sales.

Thank you in advance for reviewing my post.

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