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FOOD SHARING in Chengdu! (Chongqing)


we are Max and Nina, we just arrived to China and are starting a Food Sharing project here in Chengdu.
As you know, almost half of the food production is been thrown away during the product chain. Especially when the shelf life ends, a lot of still edible food ends up in the trash or is been destroyed.

We are collecting discarded goods from fruit stores, restaurants, supermarkets, markets and bakeries that are still edible. This can be be fruits, vegetables and bakery products.

We started here in Tongzilin and some stores are already participating.

Please contact us, if you want to become part ! We want to establish networks for all neighborhoods.

Also we are looking for places to distribute the food. This could be NGO's, places where people gather, especially we want to reach people in need and those who are volunteering for a better good. ANY information that you have will be highly appreciated.

Add us on Wechat: maxandnina

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