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Advice on moving to Sri Lanka (Colombo)

I am currently considering moving to Sri Lanka. I visited there last year and fell in love with the country and people. I have now been lucky enough to meet a Sri Lankan man here in Australia who I have fallen in love with earlier this year who now unfortunately has to return home as his visa here in Aus has expired.
I have always wanted to live and work overseas so now see this as an opportunity to join him and move to Sri Lanka.
However after doing a lot of research i am not sure how possible this is for someone like myself - this is the reason i joined this wonderful website!!. i do not understand much about visas and what kind of visa i would need. From my research i also am getting the impression it would be very hard for me to find work - I have been working in logistics (import/export) for 10 years now in Australia - not sure how much oppotunity in Sri Lanka for for this.

I was hoping someone could offer me any advice of possibilities of someone like myself moving to Sri Lanka and gaining work and being eligible for a visa.
I am still at research stage before i make my decision on whether this is a viable venture for me to go forward with.

Any help and advice would be very much appreciative!


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